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The school offers multifarious co-curricular activities.

Fine Arts
The school is justifiably proud of its Fine Arts Section. Painting, Sculpture, Batik, are some of the subjects taught in the school. Ideas are not forced upon the child and freedom to work in whatever medium and way the child feels is allowed which has resulted not only in good art but has also helped the child discover himself. The school artists have been winning certificates and awards at the Shanker's 'on-the-spot' painting competitions. The students have also won the top awards in other competitions organised in the capital.

Music & Dance
Facilities exist for the teaching vocal music, Indian classical dances, sitar, guitar and other percussion instruments. The school regularly participates in Music, Dance and Drama competitions organised in the Capital. An art and science complex measuring 11640 sq. ft has been exclusively allotted for this purpose.

Pariyavaran Club
Students are encouraged to become members of the Pariyavaran Club sponsored by UNESCO. They are encouraged to write their views on how they can improve their environment. The projects undertaken are:

Anti-cracker Drive
During the Diwali time in October, all 'Interact Club' members got together to spread the message about the evils of bursting crackers. Many children in the school decided not to burst crackers as they cause noise and air pollution and also child labour is involved in the production of crackers.

Paper Recycling
This involves the collection of all waste paper from school which is sent to 'Earth India' for recycling. The recycled paper is returned to school free of cost.

Street Play
'Interact Club' organised a street play on solid waste management with the help of 'Accord' an NGO in the school during assembly to create an awareness about the importance of solid waste management.

Solid Waste Management
This project was basically to instil in students the importance of segregating waste into biodegradable and non-biodegradable. It was included as a part of their summer holiday homework to help students start waste management from their own homes.

Student Bodies
The school has been divided into five houses, Kanchi, Nalanda, Avantika Taxila and Indraprastha. Each House has Captains and Vice-captains. Each House is supervised by a House Mistress/House Master. Captains and Vice-captains are in-charge of organising various activities.



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