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The school accepts admissions at Kindergarten level. Preference is given to wards of Air Force personnel followed by Army and Navy wings.

Birth Certificate
Only Birth Certificates issued by the registrars of the three civic bodies, the Municipal Corporation, Delhi, the New Delhi Municipal Corporation and the Delhi Cantonment Board are accepted.

1. A notice in writing to withdraw a student is to be given to the school one month in advance.
2. If the notice given is shorter than one month, fees due on the first of the next month will be charged as well.
3. Similarly, a student who wants to discontinue the use of the school bus must give one month's notice.
4. The school will issue the transfer certificate to a student only when he/she has cleared all school dues.

(a) All fees are payable in advance for 4 quarters.
(b) Quarterly School dues are payable upto 10th of the first month of every quarter.
(c) Payment of School fee in time is the responsibility of the parent.
(d) Late fee fine of Rs. 5 per day will be charged from 11th to 30th/31st of a month which should be signed by the Accounts Department before payment.
(e) If the fees are not received upto the end of the month the name of the defaulter will be struck off the rolls. The students may be readmitted at the discretion of the Principal, on payment of all the arrears and a fresh admission fee.
(f) The date of presentation of the cheque to the Bank Extension Counter will be treated as date of payment provided the cheque is not dishonoured. If the Cheque is dishonoured RS 100/- will be charged as cheque returned charges in addition to late fee fine and no cheque will be accepted in future.
(g) Parents have the option to deposit fee for the whole year in advance for their convenience. If lump sum payment of dues for the full academic year is made in advance i.e. by 10th April 2000. A 4% discount on full year's total tuition fee will be allowed by the school.
(h) All cheques, drafts should be payable to "Air Force Bal Bharati School, New Delhi" and crossed A/c Payee only. Please write Name, Class, Section of the student behind the cheque.
(i) No outstation cheques will be accepted. Cheques only payable at New Delhi clearning house will be accepted.
(j) School Fee should be paid by cheque.
(k) Fees once paid will not be refunded.

(l) Bus charges are 10-1/2 months in a year for all classes & categories. Any student who wants to discontinue the use of school bus must give one month's notice in advance.



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