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The school inaugurated new buildings with modern facilities in October 1985. The buildings include an Art and Science Complex which houses four laboratories, a library and a section for development of fine arts. A mini auditorium and a spacious canteen has also been built.

The school also has a Girls Hostel and Staff Quarters. The school has developed an Audio-visual Centre, where educational film shows, visual demonstrations and educational programmes are organised for students.

Girl's Hostel
AFBBS has a mini hostel for approximately 45 girls. The prospectus for the same is available in the school store. The hostel is open only to girls of Class VII upwards.

Games and Sports
A multi-functional Hall provides facilities for indoor games including Table Tennis, Badminton, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Judo, Yoga etc. Facilities are also provided for games/sports including Basketball, Volley Ball, Football, Badminton, Table Tennis and Athletics. The school started a cricket nursery for specialised coaching in cricket. Other activities include golf, shooting, bowling, skiing, skating, chess, netball, handball and swimming.

Medical Examination
The Sick-Bay, its medical centre, provides basic first-aid facilities and has a part-time doctor. An annual examination is conducted by the School Medical Officer and a health card is maintained for each student. Special attention is given to the 45 hostellers in the school.

The counselling unit helps students cope with present day stress and develop a strong personality. Objective psychological tests are used to determine the child's intellectual ability and interests. The academic progress of the child is also monitored by Counsellors who visit the school thrice a week.


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